More accurate results for complex searches with Advanced Search

Sharp as a knife, Advanced Search empowers users with a variety of small and smart tools to nail down their search, with laser-focused accuracy.


Simple Tutorial

Add Extension to your browser
Add the free extension from the official Store and pin it to have easy access.
Perform the powerful search
Go to the search bar of your Chrome browser, check the quick commands, and perform an accurate search.
Check the search techniques
Don't try to memorize the search commands, we provide it to you at your convenience.

Most common question


Advanced Search is a powerful search tool and a free Chrome browser extension that enables you to perform better, more efficient, and more accurate search.

Chrome "hides" all the newly installed extensions to keep the browser window clean, but you can always go into the extension menu and pin your favorite extensions to keep them always on top.

In order to provide the main functionality of this extension, we request the permission to change your default search engine to our search domain (as a placeholder) and it is powered by Bing.

Great! We love feedbacks and user complaints! Shoot us an email (don't shoot us) and we'll be more than happy to help!

Oops, it happens too. Please check the uninstall page for instructions.